Theodore P. Trouard, PhD

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and BIO5 Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Medical Imaging
Assistant Director, BIO5 Institute

Dr. Trouard is a leader in development and biomedical application of magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, technologies. His lab has developed techniques that allow very clear MRI images of stroke that aid in treatment. Dr. Trouard’s imaging techniques also are being used to better diagnose and treat cancer, Alzheimer's disease and Niemann-Pick type C disease. His work also includes using mathematical models that simulate water movement within living tissue to deepen our understanding of what MRI tells us about the body.

Dr. Trouard leads an MRI group at the UA and collaborates with radiologists, pediatricians, neuroscientists, oncologists, geneticists and engineers at University’s Colleges of Engineering, Medicine and Sciences. He also works with scientists throughout the world who are seeking to improve MRI applications for early detection and monitoring of neurological disease and Cancer as well as understand the processes of normal aging of the brain.

Select Publications

In Press

Stephen, RM., AK. Jha, D. Roe, T. Trouard, and MA. Kupinskil, "Diffusion MRI with Semi-Automated Segmentation Can Serve as a Restricted Predictive Biomarker of the Therapeutic Response of Liver Metastasis", Magnetic Resonance Imaging, In Press.


Totenhagen, J. W., A. Bernstein, E. S. Yoshimaru, R. P. Erickson, and T. P. Trouard, "Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of brain atrophy in a mouse model of Niemann-Pick type C disease.", PLoS One, vol. 12, issue 5, pp. e0178179, 2017. PMCID: PMC5443551