Patient Care

The Department of Medical Imaging offers a number of procedures and treatments for various health conditions. We strive to provide cost-effective patient care using new technologies that promote and advance optimized healthcare. Our goal is to diagnose diseases earlier, when treatments may be more effective or curative (such as cancers), with fewer tests, optimized and targeted procedures, shortened time to diagnosis, and faster time to treatment, leading to improved overall patient survival.

For appointments, information and scheduling:

  • Scheduling- If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 520-694-4034.  Your physician may fax orders to 520-694-0216.
  • Medical Records- If you would like to obtain your image report, please call 520 694-7310 or fax requests to 520-694-6204.
  • Image Requests - If you would like a  copy of your images (in the form of a CD) please call 520-694-7465.