Contrast Agents & Molecular Imaging

Molecular Probes, Labeling, Detection and Translation

Molecular imaging is a biomedical research discipline that enable the visualization, characterization, and quantification of biologic processes at the cellular and subcellular levels in living subjects. Contrast agents for molecular imaging encompass a variety of molecular probes known as biomarkers to help image particular targets or pathways with SPECT, PET, MRI, ultrasound, and optical imaging devices. Varied programs conducted by our Medical Imaging faculty members have made strong contributions not only to image science but also to the practice of clinical medicine and preclinical biomedical research as the majority of research projects include members of our clinical faculty with significant expertise and experience across all clinical modalities.

Areas of Research

Cardiovascular molecular imaging

Molecular imaging in cancer

Neuromolecular imaging

Cell death imaging

Inflammation imaging

Angiogenesis imaging

Drug discovery and development