Welcome to Medical Imaging

Welcome to the Department of Medical Imaging at the University of Arizona.  We collaborate closely with the other clinical and scientific departments across the College of Medicine, Health Sciences Colleges and the University of Arizona.  Our mission, goals and objectives are aligned with the University of Arizona and the Health Sciences academic initiatives put forth by our University leadership and with the clinical values of Banner University Medicine.

On this site you will learn about our exceptional clinical services, our internationally renowned clinical and research faculty, groundbreaking clinical and scientific research initiatives, cutting-edge medical imaging equipment, advanced informatics systems, and our acclaimed graduate medical education and research programs.  We are very proud of our commitment to excellence in each of these endeavors that ultimately improve and drive patient-centered, value-added care for our patients, nationally and internationally.  Our objective is to predict, screen or diagnose diseases earlier, when treatments may be more effective or curative (such as for cancers), using superior diagnostic imaging and improved imaging-guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  This, in turn, will lead to fewer tests and will improve overall patient health outcomes at minimum cost, minimum risk, and maximum patient comfort.


To be a recognized nation-leading center for innovation of cost-effective diagnostic and minimally-invasive therapeutic technologies and applications, supporting the overall institutional missions across departments and colleges, to include improving patient care and outcomes, education and research.


Building a nation-leading medical imaging department

Goals and Objectives

Our goals include building aligned efforts that bridge the University of Arizona and the University of Arizona Health Sciences human and infrastructure resources for improving healthcare delivery and ensuring the sustainability of these initiatives.  A  vital and timely objective in support of our goals is the continued recruitment/retention of the highest caliber clinician-scientists and researchers in the development of the Clinical Translation Imaging Sciences Initiative (CTISI).  This initiative focuses our translational sciences onto areas of major health impact including cardiovascular-thoracic, oncological, neurological, metabolic, and musculoskeletal diseases.


We are fully aligned with the University of Arizona Health Sciences strategic initiatives on Precision Health, Neurosciences, Population Health and Health Disparities, employing innovations in imaging sciences and imaging bioinformatics across these areas of focus.

Success depends on sustainability.  Our strategy is based on six major areas of continued initiatives and adaptability:

  1. Improved physical facilities with renovation and new construction
  2. Sustainable new, and most current, generation advanced imaging with clinical and research equipment supported through industry partnerships and growth through innovation
  3. Improved administrative, financial, operational technical systems, and organization that integrates DMI across the network, the practice, the hospital, and outpatient clinical facilities
  4. Improved, adaptable and expandable imaging informatics systems and administration that interface with all imaging informatics across the network
  5. Recruitment/retention of top talent throughout all elements of the DMI organization, including medical, technical, administrative and research faculty and staff
  6. Organizing and integrating research with clinical facets of DMI by incentivizing individual faculty to invest effort through career opportunities and through incentivizing the Health Network to invest resources by demonstrating that DMI innovation and discovery drives sustainable growth, return on investment, and competitive funding across disciplines and the healthcare network


Our Mentoring Program - /sites/default/files/mentor_radiology_-_mentoring_program_june_2016.pdf