Andrew R. Rouse, PhD

Director, Translational Bioimaging Resource
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging - (Research Scholar Track)
Research Assistant Professor, College of Optical Sciences

Andrew Rouse, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Medical Imaging and Optical Sciences. He is the Director of the Translational Bioimaging Resource. His primary interests are in the biomedical applications of optics. Dr. Rouse's research involves the development and testing of a multi-spectral confocal microendoscope designed to examine cellular pathology during optical biopsy.

Research Interests: 

Confocal microscopy, microendoscopy, medical imaging  

  • MS: University of Arizona, Optical Sciences Center - Tucson, 1997
  • PhD: University of Arizona, Optical Sciences Center - Tucson, 2004
  • University of Arizona, Optical Sciences Center Post Doc, 2005

Select Publications


Larson, M. C., A. F. Gmitro, U. Utzinger, A. R. Rouse, G. J. Woodhead, Q. Carlson, C. T. Hennemeyer, and J. K. Barton, "Using FDA-approved drugs as off-label fluorescent dyes for optical biopsies: from in silico design toproof-of-concept.", Methods Appl Fluoresc, vol. 9, issue 3, 2021 Jun 04.


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Risi, MD., H. Makhlouf, AR. Rouse, AA. Tanbakuchi, and AF. Gmitro, "Design and Performance of a Multi-Point Scan Confocal Microendoscope", Photonics, vol. 1, issue 4, 2014.


Makhlouf, H., A. R. Rouse, and A. F. Gmitro, "Dual modality fluorescence confocal and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography microendoscope.", Biomed Opt Express, vol. 2, issue 3, pp. 634-44, 2011. PMCID: PMC3047368 


Tanbakuchi, A. A., J. A. Udovich, A. R. Rouse, K. D. Hatch, and A. F. Gmitro, "In vivo imaging of ovarian tissue using a novel confocal microlaparoscope.", Am J Obstet Gynecol, vol. 202, issue 1, pp. 90.e1-9, 2010 Jan. PMCID: PMC2811223  PMID: 19800605