Women In Radiology

Mission Statement 

Our organization aims to promote the success and well being of female faculty, fellows and residents through bimonthly meetings, which will feature keynote speakers and discussions on relevant topics. Specific issues we hope to explore include creating a CV, work-life balance, and family planning. We hope that these meeting will help build resident-faculty mentorships and foster a sense of community. 

Current Leadership

We highly encourage all Medical Students interested in Radiology to contact us. Feel free to reach out as we are happy to be a resource and answer any questions about our terrific field.


Thank you to the many national organizations who have not only provided inspiration, but the motivation to come together for our mission to support women in radiology.

Suggested Reading and Resources



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Little Sibling/Big Sibling Initiative


Events 2021-2022

Meet and Greet at Terraza Restaurant

Book Club with Wine and Cheese (Part 2)

Radiology Interest Group Dinner

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