M. Paul Capp, MD

Professor Emeritus, Medical Imaging

Dr. M. Paul Capp is a Founding Member of the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine. He moved to Tucson in 1970 to create the Department of Radiology (now Medical Imaging) and serve as the first Chair. Dr. Capp’s leadership began a legacy of medical imaging research collaboration with Optical Sciences. Dr. Capp served as Chair of the department until 1993.

  • Department Head (1970-1993)
  • Radiology Executive Director at American Board of Radiology (1993-2002)  
Research Interests: 

Pediatric radiology; digital imaging

  • MD: University of North Carolina, 1954-1958
  • Duke University: Nuclear Physics, 1952-1954
  • Duke University, 1958-1959
  • Duke University, Diagnostic Radiology, 1959-1962

Select Publications


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