Kevin J. Johnson, BSc

Director, MRI Systems & Design

Select Publications


Bilgin, A., K. Johnson, D. Martin, and M. Altbach, High-resolution 3D T1 mapping of the prostate with an efficient inversion-recovery radial FLASH, 2018.
Altbach, M., K. Johnson, M. Keerthisavan, J. Becker, and A. Bilgin, Rapid Carotid Artery T2 and T1 Mapping Using a Radial TSE and IR-FLASH Approach, 2018.
Keerthivasan, MB., S. Mandava, K. Johnson, R. Avery, R. Janardhanan, DR. Martin, A. Bilgin, and MI. Altbach, A Multi-Band Double-Inversion Radial Fast Spin-Echo Technique for T2 Mapping of the Heart, 2018.
Li, Z., A. Bilgin, K. Johnson, J-P. Galons, S. Vedantham, D. R. Martin, and M. I. Altbach, "Rapid High-Resolution T Mapping Using a Highly Accelerated Radial Steady-state Free-precession Technique.", J Magn Reson Imaging, 2018 Aug 24.


Keerthivasan, MB., A. Bilgin, KJ. Johnson, and MI. Altbach, Flexible and Efficient 2D Radial TSE T2 Mapping with Tiered Echo Sharing and with “Pseudo” Golden Angle Ratio Reordering, 2017.