Professor, Medical Imaging
(520) 626-7618
Professor, Radiology, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Director, Contrast Agent Molecular Engineering Laboratory
(520) 404-7049
Associate Professor, (Clinical Scholar Track)
(520) 626-1957
Professor, Medical Imaging (Joint-appointed Faculty)
Professor, Surgery
Scientific Director of the Institute for Cellular Transplantation
(520) 626-5853
Assistant Professor, Research
(904) 333-0217
Professor Emeritus, Medical Imaging
Professor Emeritus, Optical Sciences
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging - (Research Scholar Track)
Research Assistant Professor, College of Optical Sciences
(520) 626-5894
Associate Professor, Medical Imaging - (Clinical Scholar Track), Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering - GIDP
(520) 626-6531
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
(520) 626-1957
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging, Part-Time Faculty
(520) 626-9439