Harrison H. Barrett, PhD

Regents Professor, Department of Medical Imaging
Regents Professor, Optical Sciences Director
Co-Director, Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging

Dr. Barrett received a bachelor's degree in physics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1960, a master's degree in physics from MIT in 1962, and a Ph.D. in applied physics from Harvard in 1969. He worked for the Raytheon Research Division until 1974, when he came to the University of Arizona. He is a professor in the College of Medicine and the College of Optical Sciences, and he has appointments in Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering and the Arizona Cancer Center. In 1983, Dr. Barrett served as acting director of the Optical Sciences Center, and in 1990 he was named a Regents Professor. He is a fellow of the Optical Society of America, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the American Physical Society and the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering. Dr. Barrett has 25 U. S. patents and approximately 300 technical papers, and 58 students have received Ph.D. degrees under his direction. His awards include a Humboldt Prize, the 2000 IEEE Medical Imaging Scientist Award, an E. T. S. Walton Award from Science Foundation Ireland, and the 2005 C. E. K. Mees Medal from the Optical Society of America. He is the 2011 recipient of the IEEE Medal for Innovations in Healthcare Technology and also the 2011 recipient of the SPIE Gold Medal of the Society. His current research is in image science, with applications in medicine and astronomy. Dr. Barrett is director of the Center for Gamma-ray Imaging, an NIH-funded research resource that develops state-of-the-art instruments for radiotracer studies of small animals. He is also active in developing new methods for the assessment and optimization of image quality and in applying parallel computers to imaging. In collaboration with Kyle J. Myers, he has written a book entitled Foundations of Image Science, which in 2006 was awarded the First Biennial J. W. Goodman Book Writing Award from OSA and SPIE.

  • PhD - Harvard University (1969)
  • Doctor Honoris Causa, Univeristy of Ghent Belgium (2014)

Select Publications


Ding, Y., L. Caucci, and H. H. Barrett, "Charged-particle emission tomography.", Med Phys, vol. 44, issue 6, pp. 2478-2489, 2017 Jun.
Type of Publication: Journal Article


Jka, AK., HH. Barrett, EC. Frey, L. Caucci, E. Clarkson, and MA. Kupinski, "Singular value decomposition for photon-processing nuclear imaging systems and applications for reconstruction and computing null functions", Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 60, issue 18, 09/2015.
Type of Publication: Journal Article
Barrett, HH., KJ. Myers, C. Hoeschen, MA. Kupinski, and MP. Little, "Task-bases measures of image quality and their relation to radiation dose and patient risk", Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 60, issue 2, 01/2015.
Type of Publication: Journal Article