Gail D. Stevenson, DVM

Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Stevenson began working in research, involving glucagon assays, immediately following graduation.  While attending veterinary school, she used one summer to continue immunoassay work.  After completing her veterinary training, she returned to Tucson and practiced medicine for four years to fulfill her WICHE (Western Interstate Conference for Higher Education) commitment.  She then reentered the research community in neuroscience.  Initial studies involved brainstem mapping of gastric processes.  Learning and memory studies with an emphasis on aging effects followed.  For the past twelve years, she has been involved with SPECT imaging with a recent emphaiss in neuroimaging.  She also serves a referral veterinary practice in pet behavior medicine since 1999. 

Research Interests: 

SPECT, Neuroimaging

  • DVM: Colorado State University - 1979