Charles M Ingram

Research Specialist, Senior
Pier Ingram practices electronics & circuitry, tooling & fabrication, coding & design for ultrasound systems, particularly acoustoelectric. He has provided technical support for student researchers within the EUNIL group since its inception in 2007.
Research Interests: 
Ultrasound, Acoustoelectric, Acoustomagnetic, Photoacoustic
  • MS: University of Arizona: Optical Sciences - Tucson, 2007
  • MS: AGSIM, International Management, Glendale, AZ - 1983
  • MS: University of Oxford: Oriental Studies, Oxford, UK - 1981
  • Other: Grande Diplome, Cordon Bleu, Paris - 1995

Select Publications


Kunyansky, L., C. P. Ingram, and R. S. Witte, "Rotational magneto-acousto-electric tomography (MAET): theory and experimental validation.", Phys Med Biol, vol. 62, issue 8, pp. 3025-3050, 2017 04 21. PMCID: PMC5526336  PMID: 28323633


Qin, Y., Q. Li, P. Ingram, C. Barber, Z. Liu, and R. S. Witte, "Ultrasound current source density imaging of the cardiac activation wave using a clinical cardiac catheter.", IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, vol. 62, issue 1, pp. 241-7, 2015 Jan. PMCID: PMC4406765  PMID: 25122512


Peyman, G. A., C. P. Ingram, L. G. Montilla, and R. S. Witte, "A high-resolution 3D ultrasonic system for rapid evaluation of the anterior and posterior segment.", Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging, vol. 43, issue 2, pp. 143-51, 2012 Mar-Apr.