Carl Frederick Sabottke, MD

Clinical Assistant IV

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Sabottke, C., Convolutional Neural Network Detection and Categorization of Support Devices in Chest Radiographs, 2021.
Lieux, M., C. Sabottke, E. R. Schachner, C. Pirtle, R. Danrad, and B. Spieler, "Online conferencing software in radiology: Recent trends and utility.", Clin Imaging, vol. 76, pp. 116-122, 2021 Feb 11.
Sabottke, C., M. Breaux, R. Lee, A. Foreman, and B. Spieler, "Analysis of Potential for User Errors in Mobile Deployment of Radiology Deep Learning for Cardiac Rhythm Device Detection.", J Digit Imaging, 2021 Mar 19.
Spieler, B., C. Sabottke, A. W. Moawad, A. M. Gabr, M. R. Bashir, R. Kinh Gian Do, V. Yaghmai, R. Rozenberg, M. Gerena, J. Yacoub, et al., "Artificial intelligence in assessment of hepatocellular carcinoma treatment response.", Abdom Radiol (NY), 2021 Mar 31.