Interventional Radiology Patient Care

We offer the entire range of vascular and nonvascular minimally invasive treatments using multi-modality image-guided procedures. Additionally, we are the only site in Arizona that offers NanoKnife® (IRE) as a non-surgical treatment option for patients with certain types of cancer.  We are the only facility in Southern Arizona that offers Radioembolization with Y90 for treatment of metastatic liver disease. We also treat chronic pelvic pain due to uterine fibroids and pelvic congestion syndrome.

Why choose us?

As an academic medical center, we are dedicated to discovering new technologies and developing enhanced treatment protocols.  Currently, we are working in collaboration with medical and surgical oncology in cancer treatment trials.  Additionally, we have been identified as a future training center for the Western US for the IRE NanoKnife® system, a newer version of percutaneous cancer treatment using electricity that has a vastly improved safety profile, is painless, and enables us to treat cancer in new locations such as the adrenal glands and pancreas.   

To make a clinic appointment:

  • Call (520) 694-2873
  • In-Network Physicians can place an IR Consult in Cerner

Visit the Society of Interventional Radiology website for more information about Interventional Radiology and the services offered by this subspecialty.

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