Translational Research

Translational Research in the Department of Medical Imaging brings research “from bench to bedside”, using state-of-the-art facilities for laboratory bench tests and small animal imaging developments that are then translated to clinical imaging practice. Bench tests often focus on engineering design principles and quantitative analyses, to ensure that the imaging methodologies maintain high accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and/or specificity. Laboratory bench studies in the Department of Medical Imaging are accelerated the tremendous scientific expertise available in the department and the Colleges of Medicine, Optical Sciences, Science, and Engineering. Small animal studies are often required to ensure the safety and efficacy of the imaging method, and to demonstrate the value of new imaging information for improved health care. Finally, translation of new imaging methods to the practice of clinical radiology often requires a “team science” approach involving clinical, clinical research, and research faculty from the Department of Medical Imaging along with other faculty members, staff, students at the University of Arizona. The close proximity of these collaborators and research facilities at our university greatly facilitates our clinical translational research in medical imaging.

Related Faculty

The Cosden Professor and Chairman, Medical Imaging