MRI scanner for small animal imaging

The 7T Bruker Biospec MRI scanner for small animal imaging is managed by my research group (Dr. Marty Pagel, PI) on behalf of the Office for Research and Discovery at the University of Arizona.  This instrument is located in the MRI research building.  This MRI scanner has a 20 cm horizontal-bore magnet, a 60 G/cm gradient strength, two volume coils and two phase-array surface coils.  Animal holders are custom-made to suit the needs of specific projects.  This MRI scanner is equipped with a complete physiological monitoring system (SA Instruments, Inc.) including animal ECG, arterial blood pressure, respiration and temperature monitoring, and animal ECG & respiration gating.  The facility has a wet bench space that contains centrifuges, chromatography cabinets, pH meters, balances, and a complete gas mixing system that can deliver custom mixed gasses to any location within the facility. MatLab is used for image analysis and for experimental simulations. The infrastructure support of this facility is funded by user fees.