Breast Imaging Fellowship / Clinical Instructorship

Program Director: Suzette Fink Bryan
Program Coordinator: Nilu Dorschner
Program Duration: 12 Months
Number of Positions: 1
Program Overview: 

Positions for 2019-20 are filled. We are now accepting applications for 2020-21.

The Breast Imaging Fellow will be employed as a Clinical Instructor to work exclusively at the University of Arizona Breast Imaging Center. The fellow has the option to participate in moonlighting for the Department of Medical Imaging, thoracic division for extra compensation, but call is not mandatory. The goal of the program is to fully involve the Fellow in the interpretation of all types of breast imaging studies, and in performing all types of image-guided breast procedures.  The Fellow will have incrementally less supervision over the course of the year, with the final result of a completely competent breast imager and interventionalist prepared to function independently in academics or private practice.  The Fellow will be trained in a supportive environment that emphasizes technical expertise and a meticulous and compassionate approach to patient care, and encourages involvement in teaching and research to promote the values of our academic institution.


Clinical Expectations

General Fellow Schedule: The Fellow will be scheduled in a full-time capacity (8 am – 5 pm) at the Breast Imaging Center, and will be given an average of four academic days per month to work on and/or present teaching assignments and other academic pursuits. 

General Responsibilities: The Fellow will be expected to participate in all aspects of patient care at the Breast Imaging Center, including interpreting and reporting all types of breast imaging studies, reviewing outside imaging examinations, performing image-guided procedures, following up on pathology results, and discussing results and recommendations with patients and referring providers.

Continuity of Care: As much as possible, the Fellow will manage diagnostic imaging studies, procedures, and other follow-up that stems from screening mammogram call-backs or reviews of outside imaging studies that were originally interpreted by the Fellow.  This promotes continuity of care and maximizes the learning experience.

MRI-guided Breast Biopsies: The breast imaging Fellow will be included in all emails related to scheduling of MRI-guided breast biopsies.  The Fellow should be familiar with all aspects of the case, and review the case with the attending radiologist and MRI technologist(s) the day prior to the procedure.  The fellow will be present at the time of the patient’s arrival in order to facilitate the biopsy process, and s/he will perform all biopsies under the supervision of the attending radiologist on the case.

Multidisciplinary Breast Care Conference: The breast imaging Fellow must be familiar with all multidisciplinary conference cases. “Tumor board” occurs weekly on Thursdays at 4 pm at Arizona Cancer Center North. A list of cases is provided 1-2 days prior to tumor board.  After the first month of the fellowship, the fellow will be responsible for presenting the key images and findings for the cases that are discussed each week.  

Teaching Expectations

General Responsibilities at the Breast Imaging Center: The Fellow will be expected to take an active role in educating Radiology residents during their clinical rotations at the Breast Imaging Center (e.g., orienting first-time residents to workstation and workflow, reviewing breast MRIs with residents, inviting residents to observe procedures and interesting cases).

Residents from other services and rotating medical students: The Fellow will serve as the liaison and primary mentor for Family Practice residents and Women’s Health Elective residents and medical students rotating through the Breast Imaging Center. Responsibilities will also include arranging times for the participants to rotate at the Breast Imaging Center and submitting evaluations. 

Radiology resident lectures: The breast imaging Fellow is responsible for presenting 1 lecture during each semester (September-December and January-May).  The dates and topics for these lectures will be determined well in advance of when they occur in order to provide adequate preparation time. 

Radiology medical student rotation lecture: Following the first medical student lecture, the breast imaging fellow will be responsible for presenting the remainder of the medical student lectures, which occur monthly (September-May). The fellow chooses either an academic day or a day on which 2 attendings are staffing the breast center to give his/her lecture. The same lecture is presented to a new group of rotation residents each month.  

Research Expectations

The Fellow, in collaboration with the attending breast radiologists, will select a clinical project to complete during the Fellowship year, with the goal of presenting a scientific poster and/or publishing the findings.  In addition to this valuable learning experience, the project can double as a Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) project requirement for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) in Radiology. In the event that a PQI project is selected, it should conform to the standards outlines by the American Board of Radiology at

Application Process: 

The Breast Imaging Fellowship participates in the National Resident Matching Program ( sponsored by the Society of Breast Imaging.  In order to become a fellow with The University of Arizona, you must register with the Radiology Match, of which Breast Imaging is a part.

Download Application

To apply for a fellowship position, candidates should send the following documents to Nilu Dorschner at

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Statement
  • University of Arizona, Department of Medical Imaging, Fellowship Application
  • Medical School Transcripts or Dean’s Letter
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • USMLE Scores (Steps I, II, IICS, III)
  • Photo
  • Visa Status, if applicable
  • ECFMG Certificate, if applicable

We will then contact you about arranging an interview.

Breast Imaging has implemented an All In Policy for the Match. This means that programs participating in the Match cannot extend any offers to candidates outside of the match. Applicants can withdraw from the Match prior to the ranking deadline if they accept a position outside of the Match.

Dates of the Match:

The following is the 2020-2021 Match year dates (not yet confirmed by NRMP):

  • January 1, 2019: Interview Period begins
  • March 21, 2019: Registration opens
  • April 25, 2019: Ranking opens
  • May 16, 2019: Quota change deadline
  • May 30, 2019: Ranking closes
  • June 13, 2019: Match Day
  • July 1, 2020: Training begins

Cost of the Match:  Applicants will pay a $75 registration fee to register for the Match. 

Point of Contact: Nilu Dorschner
                             Tel: (520) 626-3587

                             Fax: (520) 626-1518
                             Email (preferred):

Contact Information
Point of Contact: 
Nilu Dorschner

University of Arizona
Department of Medical Imaging
1501 N. Campbell Ave.
PO Box 245067
Tucson, AZ 85724-5067
Tel: (520) 626-3587
Fax: (520) 626-1518