Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is an imaging and therapy directed clinical specialty that utilizes the targeting of molecules with radioactive substances for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.   The alternative title, Molecular Imaging, has found a growing popularity as this field has grown to incorporate an increasing array of exams and treatments that search for disease at the molecular level in nearly every organ of the body – making it easier to detect and treat diseases earlier and improve outcomes. Nuclear medicine is a well-established diagnostic imaging service that we have optimized to minimize radiation exposure by utilizing the sensitivity that molecular targeting of disease offers while simultaneously providing valuable information that helps direct the care of our patients.

What is PET/CT?

PET/CT is a molecular imaging exam that is most commonly used to target cancer cells and is an essential component of staging and monitoring treatment for numerous types of cancer. PET is the abbreviation for positron emission tomography, and CT is the abbreviation for computed tomography. The PET/CT scanner is a hybrid scanner that combines the molecular imaging of PET with the anatomical detail of CT. We are the only site in Southern Arizona to provide state of the art imaging using advanced time of flight techniques that allow superior resolution and substantial reductions in radiation to the patient. PET/CT has also become a powerful new way of evaluating brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, persistent seizures and dementia. The PET/CT scans are read by board-certified radiologists with fellowship training in nuclear medicine, therefore the PET and the CT are read expertly.