Breast Imaging Center

The mission of the Breast Imaging Center is to provide a comprehensive and compassionate approach to a variety of breast-related concerns of women and men in our community.  It is an unsettling statistic: one in every eight women will develop breast cancer as some point in her life. Because a woman’s best defense against breast cancer is early detection, it is our mission to combine state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of our breast imaging doctors to discover breast cancer when it is still small and more easily treated.

Our caring and efficient staff, including specialty-trained physicians and technologists, is committed to optimizing the early detection of breast cancer and effectively managing all breast-related problems according to the highest possible standards. We do this while fostering a team approach with our referring providers and constantly striving to provide a comfortable and informative experience for our patients.  We provide full-service imaging, including breast cancer screening, diagnostic studies, and image-guided procedures.